Monday, July 11, 2011

iPhoto Faces

iPhoto has a facial recognition feature that usually works pretty well.  You tag faces in your photos as you go, and pretty soon, iPhoto has a good idea of who each person is in any given photo.

Apparently I've taught iPhoto that anything small and cute that Spencer is holding must be Clara.


Heather Richardson said...

That is hilarious! Love that photo, I think that cat's name was Bobaki, Afrikaans for baby, so maybe that confused the camera? :-) My kids love to do that with the iPhoto facial recognition, they put a face in and then laugh at all the "matches" that come up!

Whitney said...

I love this!

Amanda said...

So cute! My kids have had a laugh with that as well (when it mistakes one of them for another). Having it think a cat is a baby is hilarious!

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