Tuesday, August 02, 2011

California Trip

Spencer had the week after the 24th of July off and we knew we wanted to take some kind of trip.  We didn't know for sure that he would have the week off until it was just a few days away, so we ended up taking a quick trip to California for the weekend.  We visited Heather and Peter and their sweet family in Lake Forest, CA.  We got to spend lots of time at various beaches and it was great to just have some down time with everyone and relax for a while.

On Friday our flight left Salt Lake City at 6:45 which means we all woke up SUPER early to get to the airport.  Clara got hardly any sleep that first day, but still did great.  Here she is waiting in line at airport security.
I think she feels the same way as I do about airport security...
Soon enough we boarded the plane.  Spencer wrestled with her for most of both flights, and I fed her during take off and landing.  She was a bit wiggly, but no major crying.  We were thankful we didn't have to deal with a hysterical baby.  It can be amazing just how many people will give you a sour look, as if just brining a baby on a plane (albeit a smiling, content one in our case) and even the possibility that they may cry is a crime against humanity.
After landing and a quick nap at Heather and Peter's for Clara, we headed out to Laguna to see Harriet and then headed on to Balboa Island and the Newport Peninsula.  Heather played tour guide and Jack, Henry and Jed came along for the fun.  We took a ferry across a small bay and explored the fun zone, balboa pier and the beach.  I wasn't eating sugar at the time, but I still kind of regret not getting a frozen chocolate banana.  Oh well, next time!
Our sleepy little sweetheart taking a rest on Daddy's chest
Who can hold back a smile when we're at the BEACH!?
Our little family on Balboa Pier
We went down to the beach so Clara could see some waves - which were pretty fierce that day
Walking around Balboa admiring all of the darling houses and noticing a sign for a lost kitty named Squish Goat
After a day at the [very windy] beach, we headed back to Heather and Peter's where we enjoyed Thai food and some quality family time together.
I think Henry was also on the couch playing with his iPod touch until right before I took this photo - ah, technology
Harriet was an awesome helper with Clara
The next day we were invited to Baby Beach at Dana Point to celebrate Ann and John Richardson's anniversary.  Ann's friend catered the event with an amazing mexican lunch - everything was delicious.  Baby Beach is aptly named; it's gentle lapping waves were the perfect chance to introduce Clara to the ocean.

It was another super windy day at the beach, which became even more noticeable as we took a walk up around the point and watched the winds push large waves into the jetty.

On Sunday we headed to Laguna Beach and enjoyed a walk along the coastline.  Then we grabbed some lunch before heading to the airport.  We had such a great time!  Thank you, Richardsons!

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