Monday, August 01, 2011

What a Hoot

Every summer we enjoy our yard and the mature trees in the back of our house.  But this summer we had the added bonus of some new neighbors - a family of owls has taken up residence in a tree in the backyard!  We love going out to look for them in the evenings and have spotted four owls living up in the tree.  From a bit of internet research we're fairly certain that they are Great Horned Owls (the most common in Utah).  Apparently Great Horned Owls mate for life, which makes it all the sweeter when we see two of them nuzzling together on a branch.  They are quite petite and I really want to just climb up in the tree and get one down so we can pet and snuggle it.  They look like little fluff balls with robotic necks and big eyes.  We've gotten a few photos of them on different occasions, but it can be difficult to capture them in the dusky light.

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