Thursday, May 24, 2012

17 Months

Clara is 17 months old!  Her sweet and funny little personality continues to emerge and she is just such a doll.  We love her so much!
At 17 months, Clara....

- still won't use a spoon!  She just prefers to eat with her hands.

- says "wow" "ow" "keys" "cheese" "fan" "window" "wind" "jacket" "blanket" and has changed how she says "meow"

- loves to climb up and down stairs.  It's probably her favorite thing to do and she can do it all by herself now.  She goes down stairs backwards, or sits and kind of slides down.

- has summer legs with lots of scrapes and little bruises from playing hard outside.

- got her first big owie after an unfortunate run-in with the dryer :(

- loves to play with keys, cell phones and cameras more than ever

- carries her little cart of blocks around the house and will plop down in the same room as me and play with them while I do dishes, make dinner, fold laundry, etc.

- identifies lots of animals (she sees a picture and says the sound they make) and cars and trucks are "vroom vroom"

- lights up whenever she sees a picture of Jesus and says "Jejee!!"

- is such a great little helper!  She loves to help me unload the dishwasher and will hand me each piece of silverware one at a time to put away.  She also gets her own little broom out of the closet regularly to help me sweep.

- loves to play outside and spends most of her day exploring the yard.

- gives a very enthusiastic "yeah!" in response to any question she wants to answer in the affirmative

- says "hiiii!"  If she were Brazilian, she'd be from Bahia because her speech is so sing-song-y.  It's adorable.

- makes the cutest little expressions - we love her "oh" face and she does it often.

- puts her hands together at her chest, face up, when she wants me to hold her.

- says "ga ga" when she wants to get down.  

- has added "I am a Child of God" to her singing repertoire

- loves to walk around the house with her Primary Children's Songbook in hand, singing at the top of her voice.

- does a little dance whenever the dishwasher starts.  She'll bend her knees and do a kind of up down bob/twist to the rhythm of the dishwasher.

- usually knows when she's being especially cute and gives the cheesiest grin when she realizes it.

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