Monday, July 09, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

Once again, the Madsen family ventured to Bear Lake for our family reunion this year.  It was our second year spending a few days there as a family and we had a great time.  I hope that it is a tradition we can continue.  We left the sweltering 100+ degree temperatures of Salt Lake City and headed north for lovely 80 degree days.  We rented Shelton Lodge for a few nights and spent our days at the north beach of Bear Lake.  It is the perfect setup for families -- a place to set up tables and canopies, 30 ft of ultra shallow water, and then a quick walk out to any boats you have with your party.  Lucky for us, my uncle (and his boat) have made it both years which makes the trip more fun.  I didn't water ski or go on the tube this year, but enjoyed some lovely boat rides on the lake and a swim out in the middle.  The water was still cold, but not nearly as bad as last year. 

We have discovered that Clara is a total water baby!  Anytime water was in sight, she'd make a b-line for it chanting "waawaa, waawaaa."  She loved to sit in the little pools dug by her cousins and play in the sand.  She loved to play with her cousins as well - all of whom were super sweet with her.

Clara was fascinated with her little cousin Levi and loved to hold him (with a little help) and giggle at the faces he'd make.

A big thanks to my mom and dad for making this trip happen!  We love having the time together as a family and know it wouldn't happen without you.

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