Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clara @ 19 Months

Clara is nineteen months old!  She keeps us smiling with all of the new things she is learning and saying.  I am constantly amazed at just how much she picks up from watching the world around her.

At 19 Months, Clara:

-Sleeps a solid 13+ hours at night.  She spends most of the day running around and getting into everything, so it's no surprise that she sleeps so soundly.

-Newish words: ice (she LOVES to eat ice), green, bug (obsessed), hello, NO!

-Can JUMP!  She gets both feet off the ground and is quite pleased with herself.

-Says "hi" to strangers at the grocery store (but only on her terms - they are not allowed to speak to her first)

-Is an expert at drinking from a cup and eating with a spoon.  It seemed like she transitioned to both overnight.  She eats a bowl of cereal (or three) for breakfast most mornings.

-Loves to get outside and go on errands.

-Can throw a pretty good tantrum, but they are quick (about 1 minute).  She has been known to literally thrown herself on the floor in frustration.

-Likes to be in control - if I ask her to put a toy down or away, she will usually do it happily.  If I take something away from her, watch out.

-Has a very classy mullet.

-Has 18 teeth!

-Loves trucks, bugs and rocks.

-Gets very upset if she hears, but doesn't get to see, the garbage truck pick up our trash every Tuesday.

-Still loves to push her cart around taking babies, balls and books on walks around the house.
 -Loves to play the piano and strum my guitar.

-Picks up new tunes all the time.  She often sings "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" "Scripture Power" (I rewrote the words as a nighttime song - Jammie Power) and "Families Can Be Together Forever" while she is winding down in her crib.

-Is sweet, feisty and adventurous!

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