Friday, August 24, 2012

Clara - 20 Months

Today Clara is 20 months old.  We love Clara so much and everyone is always commenting on how she's got so much personality.  It's true!  And she just continues to blossom.  Here's what Clara's up to these days:

- Putting words together!  She says "Hi Daddy/Mama/Didi" (Didi is what she calls our cat) "All done" "I'm done" "No no no" "Bye bye _____" "oh wow" "oh no!" "uh oh!" and "all clean"

- Says please every time she wants something

- Knows the colors (and says) "yellow" and "green"

- Signs "thank you" frequently - sometimes without even being reminded *melt*

- Loves trucks, but can't quite pronounce the word "truck" all the time.  And she says it loudly.  And often.  When we're in public.  Gotta love the innocence of a toddler!

- Now when she sees or hears a baby, she says "baby!!" and then does this long exaggerated wimper.  It all started in sacrament meeting when she couldn't see a lot of babies, but she could hear them cry.  She's developing empathy at an early age.  Love her tender little heart.

- Learned "tada!" after watching the olympics nightly

- Loves to watch a few minutes of Sesame Street most days.  Usually she just wants to get to Elmo's world and as soon as he's off the screen she says "all done" and closes the laptop.

- Has the cutest little pretend conversations on her (or my) cell phone.  Says "hello" with lots of "yeah," "uh huh," gibberish, pauses and sighs to fill in before she says "buh bye!"

-Loves ALL animals and has no fear of them.  A huge dog can come towards her and she will get so excited (I on the other hand, may ditch her and run the other way)

- Loves to swim and lets us dunk her head under water!  She has learned to close her eyes and hold her breath when I tell her we're going under and count to three.

- Has counted to five.  Most days we only make it to three, but she did make it to five once!

- Loves to count

-LOVES our next door / over-the-fence neighbor Juliet.  When she is outside, Clara will run over to the fence waving and saying, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and carry on conversations mostly incomprehensible to sweet six year old Juliet (much like Juliet would with me when we first moved in).  We love living next to five sweet little girls (with number six coming soon!)

- Plays with her "elmo" pop up toy all the time

- Loves bags, baskets, and buckets and knows which is which.  I need to make her a little purse - she loves to carry around a little bag.

- Loves buckles and helps me buckle her into her car seat (still rear-facing -- not because we're car seat nazis, but because she doesn't mind at all... and it is safer)

- Gives the sweetest love pats on the back and scratches my back upon request (I'm hoping she doesn't outgrow this anytime soon!)

-Really enjoys regular books, magazines and catalogs with lots of words and lots of pages (a few pictures are appreciated too)

- Still loves to sing.  Sometimes when Spencer is out of town we'll just rock and sing songs for a good long while before bed.  After each song she'll sign "more" or say "please" for another song.

- Can definitely throw a good little tantrum
- Loves Didi so much and always wants to give her loves and snuggles.  Someday the cat will learn that she has a real friend in Clara (maybe when the new baby comes...)

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