Friday, August 24, 2012

Picking Peaches

Last fall there was a groupon for our local nursery and their fruit trees were drastically reduced.  So we got a super steal on a couple of fruit trees and planted them in the backyard.  The apricot tree had beautiful blossoms and even had some fruit, but none of it fully matured.  The peach tree gave us an unexpected gift of a handsome harvest for such a tiny little thing.

Today, Clara and I ventured out to the yard and [she] picked every single peach from our tree.  There were about eighteen peaches.  Because the tree is so tiny, they were right at her level and several of them went straight into her mouth!  The peaches have tiny teeth marks to prove it. :)  She loves helping in the garden and has been wanting to pick the peaches for several weeks thinking they are tomatoes (ta-toes) or apples.  Hopefully next year we'll have an even bigger harvest!

I may have to frame this and hang it in my kitchen!

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