Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Visitors

One of the great things about living in Utah is that nearly every Mormon friend I have has some connection to this place.  People end up coming to Utah to visit family, for weddings, family reunions, funerals, baby blessings, graduations, mission farewells, or to send children or siblings off to EFY or help them get settled in at BYU.  This summer I had several friends come to the Beehive state for a visit.

Meredith (Oregon) and Kendra (Missouri) were both in town at the same time so we all got together for a BBQ at my house.  It is so fun to see these girls and every time we get together (which I wish was more frequently) things just seem to pick up where they left off.  We have so much fun together!
Me, Kendra, Meredith
Katie (Texas) came to town for a wedding and we met up at a park with our littles and had such a good time catching up.  I didn't get a picture of the two of us, but our sweet kids seemed to get along super well.  We were a little sad that her visit didn't overlap with Meredith's and Kendra's, for one grand BDA #25 reunion... someday!
Clara and Alana at the park
Whitney (California) was here visiting her sister and grandma-in-law and I got to meet her cute little baby Evangeline for the first time.  We got together for breakfast and had a lovely chat.  Again, no photo of the two of us, but here are our little girls.
Clara and Evangeline at The Corner Bakery Cafe
You know that part in Fried Green Tomatoes where the older lady says she figured out the secret to life?  She says it's friends.  Best friends.  I'm so thankful for all of the amazing friends I made in college who remain among my closest and truest.

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