Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tender Moments

Clara does some of the cutest things right now, and I don't want to forget them.  I've also found that sometimes her monthly updates are not sufficient, as she'll start and stop something before it's time for the monthly report.

Hug - Most nights, Spencer and I put Clara to bed together.  Our routine is short and simple.  Jammies, a book or two on the couch with daddy, brush teeth, say prayers, sing a song, kisses and lay down.  One of us will be holding her for song and prayers, and she'll say "hug!" and pull the other one in by the shoulder.  She will wrap her little arms around each of our shoulders while she gets peppered with kisses on both cheeks.  Sometimes she'll push our faces together for a kiss too.  It's so sweet!

Fun - After we finish an activity, Clara will say "FUN!!"  Then, with her limited, but expanding vocabulary, she'll try to recall every part of the activity that was fun.  For example last week the two of us went raspberry picking.  We encountered a dog, several bees, and ate dozens of berries as we picked.  As we drove away she said, "Fun!  Doggy.  Nummy.  Bee.  Nummy.  Fun!"

Wee - For naptime and nighttime when we're not getting to bed too late, I'll indulge Clara's request for "weeee" - or rocking her in the rocking chair and singing to her.  She'll snuggle down into my arms, just like I'm holding a little baby and we'll rock and rock and sing.  She makes her requests by singing the songs she wants to hear until I take over (or we'll sing together).  We've got quite a collection of favorites, but some of her more popular requests recently are "You Are My Sunshine," "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," "I Love to See the Temple" and "The Star Spangled Banner."  I'm more than happy to sit and rock Clara, as the kicks and flutters inside are a constant reminder that the time we have as just us is limited.

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