Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's A....

I thought it would be fun for this pregnancy to find out the gender of our baby with the whole family.  We made a little event of it, and it turned out to be a great evening.

Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound appointment and Spencer unexpectedly got stuck at work.  It was ok though, because I felt a little less awkward asking the ultrasound technician if she could just write the gender down for us, rather than telling me.  She was so happy to do so, and had me look away anytime she was looking around that area, so I wouldn't happen to see and find out. :)  I'm pretty blown away by the technology of ultrasounds.  You can see the whole skeletal structure, but also the bladder, kidneys, stomach, liver, brain, etc.  The ultrasound technician wrote down the gender for me and sealed it in an envelope (along with the gender-revealing ultrasound picture).

Right after my appointment, I headed to The Sweet Tooth Fairy, where I had previously placed an order for cupcakes to be picked up that day.  When they received the envelope from me, they were to fill the cupcakes I had ordered with pink or blue bavarian creme.  I picked them up a few hours later.  Then when we ate our cupcakes, we would know what the baby's gender was.  My mom pointed out that with cupcakes, everyone would get to the middle at a different time, so I decided that we would just give Clara a cupcake to start and let her be the grand revealer.
We had our parents and Aunt Carol over to enjoy the cupcakes last night, all anxious and excited to find out if Clara will have a baby brother or sister.  I gathered guesses from everyone before we dug in, and dyed their milk accordingly.  Two [party poopers] requested water or white milk. I was the only one with pink milk!
Clara couldn't understand how we could all just be standing around chatting when there was cake to be eaten, so we quickly cut to the chase.

 Taking a bite, and revealing the first glimpse of PINK!

 And finally, some convincing evidence.  A very pink creme-filled center. :)
Clara is going to have a little sister!
YAY!!  Clara claps with everyone else, while grandpa tries to help her make sense of the situation.

Two girls!

We are all very excited to add another little girl to our family and we love her already.


Christa Jeanne said...

Sooooo clever, Sarah! What a fun way to break the news. I am really, really impressed. Never would've thought of something so fun!

Oh, and... of course...


nga said...

so cute! love that big sister Clara got to reveal the news!! congrats on another girl! so fun!!

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