Saturday, January 26, 2013

Clara - 25 Months

(Once again I forgot to do her monthly photo shoot.  I guess that's what nine months pregnant does to you)

Clara is currently obsessed with birthdays.  The other day she was saying a prayer on her breakfast which included a piece of coffee cake.  When she prays, she gives thanks for each item on her plate, so her prayer went something like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, I'm thankful for the krispies, I'm thankful for the yummy manana, I'm thankful for the... cake!!  Birthday cake! Balloons!  Party hats! Happy Birthday Clara!"
At 25 Months, here's what else Clara Jane is up to:

-Getting ready for baby sister!  She's very excited to have baby sister's crib set up in her room, some "new" toys pulled out from storage and talks about baby sister's arrival and going to the hospital (hops-ip-tal) all the time.  She also likes to talk to, hug, kiss and pat my tummy but then looks with a very worried face at my belly button and says, "Broken! Cut it off, mommy!"

-We're trying to resume a little bit of daily independent time.  It got lost somewhere between the pack-n-play coming down and all of the holidays.  I need it for my own sanity, but I also worry about Clara adjusting to a new baby and less available mama when she's used to having my attention and playing with me all day long.

-Clara can communicate really well and expresses herself often.  I feel like I can understand just about everything she wants and needs and has to say.  Sometimes I forget that other people don't know all of Clara's pronunciation techniques right now.

- She loves to clean.  She likes to wipe off her table after meals, sweep the floor, spray off the dishwasher and oven and wipe them down with a washcloth.  She's really good about washing her face and hands after meals too, and usually is happy to put her dishes in the sink after she eats.

-She ends most sentences with an emphatic, "today."  "Mama, build a tower with me TODAY." "Mama, go to beach with cousins in summer, TODAY." :)

-Enjoys sitting and reading in laundry baskets.

-Loves to play in her kitchen and cook up all sorts of yummy food.

-Always says, "sorry mama!" and offers a hug if she accidentally bumps me or drops or spills something.

-Definitely LOVES to do things herself.  We only really have tantrums when she wants to do something herself that we don't allow [because we already know how it will end].

-Loves to color, build towers with her wooden blocks and megablocks, dance, sing, climb, count, and read books.

-Loves to play with my iPhone and take photos of herself.  In fact, they are usually the only ones she'll concede to taking these days.

-She loves to sit at her little table in the kitchen for meals.  Mostly because she can get up and run around, run to the oven and in the small 2-inch reflective portion of the oven, watch herself eat and scoop cereal into her mouth. The whole not-sitting-through-a-meal thing kind of drives me nuts.

-Can recite parts or all of most of her favorite books: Five Little Monkeys, Cat is Sleepy, Goodnight Moon, The Littlest Kitten

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