Friday, January 25, 2013

Mac N Cheese

I have been meaning to record this somewhere, because it's definitely a story worth having in our family's archive.

A few months ago I was making dinner for a sick and pregnant friend with a large family.  I had made dinner for them about a week before that, so I didn't want to just repeat my go-to meal (lasagna) once again.  After consulting with Spencer I decided that I'd make another one of our favorites - homemade mac and cheese.  When I take a meal to someone, I usually do things I don't do for my own family regularly, like make sure there are good coordinating side dishes, bread or rolls, and a dessert.  It can take the better part of an afternoon to cook a meal like that for someone else, and by the time the food is done and delivered I'm usually at a loss for what WE are going to eat as all of my cooking energy has been expended for the day.

That's why I was completely caught off guard when a phone call came in the middle of my early evening meal prepping session.  A sister in our ward said she had made some homemade mac n cheese and had a lot leftover.  She wondered if she could drop it off for me and my family for dinner.  I couldn't believe that she knew we could use dinner that night.  But even more that it was macaroni and cheese!

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