Saturday, July 29, 2006

Short Skirt/Long Jacket

OK, so I'll do without the short skirt mentioned in Cake's song, but what do you think of the long jacket? I found this adorable wool winter coat at Paul Frank today and I think it was made just for me. Um, it's $149. It's on hold for me until close tomorrow. Please let me know what you think!

P.S. I know I look kind of pregnant in this photo -- it's only because I'm really not very photogenic. It's not the coat. Or me. -Cake-


Amanda said...

Well, the jacket is pretty cute. For me, $149 would be way too much to spend. But for trendy single gal living in NYC, maybe not. BTW, you definetly do not look pregnant in that picture. In fact, you are probably one of those people who will never look pregnant, even when you are.

My Four White Mothers said...

It is really adorable. My only thought is that you might be able to get some really cute clothes in Europe, too! I would be really tempted to get that coat, though.

Mooney said...

Hottest Mrs. Claus ever.

Katie said...

I think it's cute. Pricey, though.

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