Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Good Day

Two things made my day. First of all, I finally accepted that job offer that I've been agonizing over. So whether or not I love the job, the stress of deciding is over... at least for a little while. I start next Wednesday. The second thing that made my day was the official announcement of the iPhone at mac world. It will be about six months before they can hit the market, but I'll be really tempted to get one once they do.

-The Click Five-


kenny said...
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kenny said...

You left a comment on my blog questioning my reasoning for going to Hillsboro, OR. Well, my aunt, uncle, and grandpa live out there so I crashed with them for a day on my way down to California. Are you from there?

Where are you now? I read you accepted a job... where?

I've just begun my job search in the Los Angeles area...we'll see how it goes.

btw, you don't have to blog-comment me. You can email me at kenny@kennymcnett.com if you prefer. cya!

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