Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Will Follow

Well, it's Thursday. I can't say that a lot of seemingly "special opportunities" have crossed my path, but then again it is only 5:45. One thing that did happen which could be potentially special or... complicated: one of my supervisors from Euro RSCG (Ad Age 2006 Global Agency of the Year, thank you) contacted me about employment possibilities in the near future in the Portland office. These decisions seem unending. Portland, of course, brings its own package of charms and challenges to the table. This great newish (to me) song by The Gabe Dixon Band reminds me vaguely of one of them.



Kendrick said...

Sarah, remember it did say to keep your "eyes" open. What did you "see" Thursday?

Uptown Girl said...

Oh, you're so right. On Thursday I saw...
-lots of fresh snow
-several previews for films in the Sundance Film Festival
-a new episode of the office
Maybe it means I need to go to Park City.

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