Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year

This New Year's celebration was probably the least eventful I've experienced, which was a nice contrast to the year itself; certainly the most transient of my life. I have lived in four different places in three states and two countries. I have worked for four different companies. I had two hair colors and contemplated a third. Needless to say, a lot has happened. In sticking with tradition, here is my year in review:

Best Things that Happened in 2006:
1. Graduating from Brigham Young University
2. Visiting more than 10 countries
3. Summer in New York
4. Belgium

Worst Things that Happened in 2006:
1. Getting a 50 euro ticket on a train in Greece
2. Remaining undecided about what's next
3. Pam and Jim not happening (I guess when the worst things of the year involve your favorite TV couple, it hasn't been that bad of a year)

Most Significant Locations of 2006:
1. Bedroom, Hudson Heights, NYC
2. Kitchen table, Provo, Utah
3. A random street in Portland
4. One word: doorbell

Funniest/oddest moments of 2006:
1. Receiving a compliment on my english
2. Getting meowed at on a street in Greece. By a grown man.
3. Trying to find wireless on the 8th floor
4. Overhearing any given conversation in the hostel in Athens

Places I lived in 2006:
1. Provo, UT
2. Portland, OR
3. New York, NY
4. Brussels, Belgium
(I also like to claim Switzerland, though I only "lived" there for a day and half)

Coolest Things I did in 2006:
1. Hiked in the Alps
2. Graduated from college
3. Got published
4. Touched the Atlantic from both coasts

Realizations of 2006:
1. I can generally tell what the extent of my relationship with someone will be by looking through the music on their ipod or cd collection. If they don't have one -- well, enough said.
2. I send out some kind of vibe to attract people to whom I can never be attracted
3. I can be happy anywhere
4. Real life can wait

Most Played songs in iTunes of 2006 (that came out in 2006):
1. Be Good or Be Gone - Fionn Regan
2. Gotta Have You - The Weepies
3. Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall
4. For Elisabeth Wherever You Are - Tobias Froberg

I'm adding some new categories

Famous People I met in 2006:
1. The members of Keane
2. Josh Ritter
3. Glen Phillips

Things I did in 2006 to prove to myself that I'm disciplined:
1. made my bed every day (I think I missed 3 days. ok, maybe 4)
2. trained for a half-marathon (still training)

Concerts I attended in 2006:
1. Pink Martini - Park City
2. Landon Pigg, Lucas Reynolds and Ki Theory - Jammin' Java - Vienna, VA
3. Josh Ritter - Millenium Music, Portland, OR
4. Some Random Free, Local, and Unmemorable Bands - Doug Fir, Portland, OR
5. Mark Geary and Tom Freund - Mercury Lounge, NY
6. Son Volt - World Financial Plaza, NY
7. Keane - Borders @ Colombus Circle, NY
8. Feist - Central Park, NY
9. Glen Phillips and Johnathan Kingham - Madison Square Park, NY
10. TV on the Radio, Voxtrot and Matt Pond PA - Prospect Park, NY
11. Psapp, Juana Molina and Jose Gonzalez - Bowery Ballroom, NY
12. Belle & Sebastian and Martha Wainright - Battery Park, NY
13. Mates of State - Castle Clinton, NY
14. Yo La Tengo - Prospect Park, NY
15. Juana Molina - South Street Seaport, NY
16. Josh Rouse - Castle Clinton, NY
17. Damien Rice and Fiona Apple - Beach, NY
18. Damien Rice (again) - Central Park, NY
19. Death Cab for Cutie and Mates of State - McKay Events Center, Orem, UT
20. Cat Power and Jeff Tweedy - Rock Primavera '06, Barcelona, Spain

Things I checked off my list in 2006:
1. Live in New York City (June-August)
2. Get published (my manuscript was purchased in October)
3. Stay debt-free (this is pretty much a continual one)
4. Sing in a karaoke bar (August 4th/5th - NY, NY)

-Death Cab For Cutie-


Mooney said...

I hadn't even considered famous people I met this year...

Billy Joel
Willie Nelson
Members of Muse
Members of Brand New
Perry Ferrel
Ryan Adams


Amanda said...

Wow Sarah - you are one of the coolest people I know. You've had quite an exciting year. You didn't mention that you now live in a 5th place - Fruit Heights, Utah. I guess you don't want to claim that you "live" there. I can't wait to see what your next adventure will be.

Erika and Mason said...

I totally got meowed (cat called) at by a grown man in Greece too (mine was on the islands, though)!

Great year for you! Congrats!


adrienne said...

whoa whoa. what's all this of a manuscript? what's getting published?

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