Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Closer To You

Calling all blog readers within reasonable distance of an H&M! There is an adorable dress that I saw in InStyle that's available at H&M. Unfortunately, H&M doesn't have online shopping and Utah locations are non-existent. Help enhance my wardrobe and I'll pay you back and love you forever!-Brandi Carlile-


MeganRuth said...

of course i will get it for you!

send me the link!

Michelle said...

Cute! Now I want it too! Trying to figure out how I can jusify a trip to Virginia just to go shopping.... :)

MeganRuth said...

i'm glad i said send me the link, because that makes sense...i'm an idiot. i can't see the picture so a better thng to say would have been

send me the picture, because i can't see it on your blog!

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