Sunday, February 04, 2007

The First Time

My week was full of things I've never done before. This week I:

- Turned down a lucrative job offer
- Decided to stay in Utah
- Designed packaging for a product that will be released nationwide
- Increased my salary by nearly 40%
- Bought a new car
- Got a loan


Kendra said...

Is that a Toyota Corolla? If so, welcome to the club. :) What a week!!!

MeganRuth said...

congrats on a great week!

Jo said...

Whew. What a week! I'm excited to see the new car tonight.

Erika Pike said...

Wow, so productive of you... and congrats on what seems like a decision... more details please!!!

jacq said...

ok bad news- i just found out they are bringing the smart car to the u.s.! how much do you hate yourself right now for not waiting!!

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