Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New York to San Francisco, So Many Roads to Ease my Soul

Guest Blogger: Spencer (because there were too many good pictures to post in my account of San Francisco)

I’ve always felt a special connection to San Francisco, beyond the literal connection of Interstate 80 that passes through my hometown of Salt Lake City and ends at the Bay Bridge. It’s a city that has been the setting of good times spent with friends and family. It has been a stop over on the way to family reunions, a destination for baseball games, new years road trips and long weekends with friends. I’m drawn to the hills, the ocean, the architecture, the bridges, Sutro Tower, Bart, Alcatraz (a first on this trip) and the assortment of people to be found (except for a few on Eddy Street that took special interest in my new pair of Steve Maddens). It was the birthplace of the music that accompanied me through my youth, the hometown of the once mighty, now deceased, Southern Pacific Railroad . And finally there’s the In n Out on Fisherman’s Warf. But the few days spent there with Sarah top my list of Bay Area memories. She posted some of her favorite pictures, now some of mine…

-The Grateful Dead-


Amanda said...

I love the pictures Spencer!

Hevansrich said...

again, great post, great photos, great couple

recommendation: if you haven't seen Foul Play, watch it together, or What's up Doc. Great movies that featuring San Francisco beautifully - (even So I Married An Axe Murderer!)


Peter Richardson said...

no photos of the Steve Maddens? glad you guys had a great trip.

Kevin said...

Great photos. In 1968 we took a family vacation to SF and we took photos of the fam at Haight Ashbury (ground zero of hippy-ville) that are a family treasure. Now, I think at that intersection there is a Gap and a Starbucks.

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