Monday, November 19, 2007


Remember back in January when I started my job and I was convinced that I worked for Michael Scott? Well it's been confirmed on more than one occasion, like when we've taken clients and prospective employees out to lunch at Denny's. But the announcement of our company Holiday party at.... Applebees has been the crowning jewel of the most Office-like experience of my life. I can only hope. Too bad I'll be out of town for the Megster's wedding. I might have won a Dundie.

-Manhattan Transfer-


J-E said...

I'm laughing as I read this. Denny's? What was the man thinking? So funny.

greg & allyson said...

wow, denny's? for real? that is grade-A class. haha. i'm sorry you're going to miss the dundies; which one would you have won? probably "most normal person in the office dundie". thanks for the laugh, this was good.

alyson. said...

oh my....I would die. totally.

we got lucky. our holiday party is at Sur la Table, and we're cooking our dinner! fun!

thanks for signing up for the in the moment swap. it'll be fun!

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