Monday, November 05, 2007

Pick Me Up

I've decided that I really love email. I have always enjoyed it, but until recently still held fonder affection for handwritten letters. You really don't want to get me started on how technology has destroyed certain intimacies of human interaction.... I could write a thesis on the subject. (A good summary of how I feel was written by Jackie.) Don't get me wrong, I still prefer handwritten letters... but with the advent of texting, chatting, facebook, myspace, even blogs, it seems that good old fashioned hand-typed meaty emails are becoming a thing of the past. So here's to my new preferred -- and slightly more realistic -- form of communication.

-The Format-


Mandy said...

Sarah, are you a fan of The Format? I fell in love with them in Arizona, and I even had a dream about their lead singer one time. It was weird. :) But they are great!

Anna said...

TAG!!!! You're it.

Emily said...

I love them too. I got to see them in Cincinnati and they have been in car's cd player since!

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