Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Working To Work

So, lately I've been getting pretty excited about Spencer's (soon our) condo as a new project. I've scoured craigslist on a daily basis, memorized the Ikea catalog, and become familiar with Target's vast furniture line (who knew, right?). As per usual, I've also found inspiration from sources that are a little bit out of the budget for now (i.e. Pottery Barn) and the blogs and magazines that I try to keep up on regularly like Apartment Therapy and ReadyMade Magazine.

As I see it, our new abode's most important purpose is to feel like home. But then there's also an element of function that somehow needs to permeate what I now dream of as our tranquil and serene escape from the world. With one bedroom, this is somewhat of a challenge. Combining our sanctuary of a bedroom with a workspace, and somehow finding a place to store a bicycle while maintaining it in an easily accessible place (so as not to discourage riding it) with no garage is another challenge. Any ideas about either of these would be much appreciated.

There maybe hope for the workspace in the bedroom idea though. I can't quite remember how the closet situation is configured, but I think that there are two. Which means, that something like this just might work.
Wouldn't that be fab? Just take off the closet doors, hang a curtain and some shelves and voila! This not only saves space, but it puts the workspace out of sight whenever it needs to be. We could even put a filing cabinet on the floor. I guess the only question is, where do we put our clothes?

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Manda said...

Although I like the use of this space and the idea of being able to close it off, I think it might cause two problems:

1) Where would you put all of your clothes (as you mentioned)

2) Are you lucky enough to have electrical outlets/internet hook-up already installed in your closet.

I think the lack of electricity would pose more of a problem. My suggestion would be an armoire/desk of sorts that you can open up, pull out the keyboard, file papers, etc. but still be able to close off and look clean. This way you could put it in the bedroom or downstairs and you can take it with you to your next house.

Krista said...

I think you may be surprised how much the closet space will fill up once you two combine all you stuff.

We have left the bedroom as just a bedroom eventhough there is room for more in there. It is our space where we separate ourselves from everything!

We don't have a TV, so we have the desk set up in front of our sofa and we use the monitor to watch movies. Our front room isn't as organized as i would like, but it works and helps to keep work out of the bedroom.

greg & allyson said...

who needs clothes? i mean excess clothes. i think you should pull an electrical outlet into the closet. it would be pretty simple wiring. i like it.

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