Sunday, June 29, 2008


For months and months I've been planning on riding my bike to work both as a quest in fitness and surefire way to save a little cash. With gas going up, oh, five cents or so every few days, it only seemed appropriate to do what I could to save our little family some moola. For those who might be wondering, this has nothing to do with the environment. Sure, I believe in being good to the planet... but all of this pop-culture-eco-friendly-going-green garbage drives me insane. Just to set the record straight.

Last Thursday I rode my bike to work for the first time. It's about eleven miles, and I figured out that one ride to work right now saves me about $1.36. If I ride my bike to work and home, I save double that. This means it will take me about 17 bike rides (to and from) to save an entire tank of gas. So that's my goal for the summer. One tank of gas. That could be $43.72... or it could be a lot more...


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