Friday, June 13, 2008

Tonight I Have to Leave It

On our honeymoon in Hawaii (which I'll blog about a little later) we found this great little place to eat in Maui called the Honolua Store. It's right across from the Ritz in Kapalua -- an unlikely location for the cheapest eats on the island! We went there a few times for burgers and philly's (the honeymoon was an anything goes sort of mentality as far as diet went) and on our last meal before heading to the airport we completely indulged ourselves in this delectable chocolate cake. Really, it was quite amazing. We ate and ate and I told Spencer I thought we should save some for the flight home. Reluctantly he consented and we were on our way. We drove to the rental car place, got into the shuttle for the airport and then we both realized we were missing a very important piece of luggage -- the box with the cake in it! I remembered that I left it on top of the car when I pulled our suitcases out. I think he still secretly holds it against me... But you would too if I left a huge chunk of the best cake ever in Hawaii. I know I would.

1 comment:

J-E said...

Look on the bright side--those car rental workers probably needed a pick-me-up, and you supplied one, a chocolate one at that.

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