Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Call It A Day

Many of you probably still wonder what I do at work each day. Among other things, I've found the hours of 9 am to 6 pm to be prime time for creativity, which has been oozing out of me lately in the form of haiku. That's right folks, haiku. Sometimes the heavy french accent of my manager is just the inspiration I need to let the 5-7-5 flow. I can feel good about writing haiku at work, since it's not too taxing and doesn't take a lot of time away from my other responsibilities. From the archives (and hall of fame) I share with you some (ok, most) of the collection:

ask me one more time
(dreaming rainbows; butterflies)
i missed what you said

i know what i want
and now you know what you don't
we learned together

chocolate, crepes, waffles
i like to eat belgian food
it is so so good

my desk is covered
with sticky notes and papers
but I ignore them

g-talk is my love
I chat with Jackie all day
and do some work too

friends miss our faces
think europe is amazing
life is the same here

life is not the same
we freaking live in europe
but life is still good

miguel speaks english
he says jigs instead of gigs
i try not to laugh

i am so hungry
i want to quit working now
so i can eat food

jackie is going
to paris for the weekend
sarah stays alone

why do the sad songs
feel like they are more than real
slow tears are happy

why do you haunt me?
becalmed by sleep i dream you
nightmares every night

your shucks and curses
resonate, reverberate
ringing in my ears

shining, freezing light
mountains cold and icy feet
warm and happy souls

good morning my love
it's so good to see your face
i missed you all night

smile, you're in white
who doesn't look good in white?
ok, maybe you

cloudy, rainy days
your love is like a rainbow
i drip with color

If you're curious about what I really do... well, if I told you I'd have to kill you. I'm not kidding. So for now we'll just call it haiku.

-The Raconteurs-

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Amanda said...

Very nice poems Sarah! The depth and breadth of your talent continues to amaze me.

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