Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sound of Your Life Moving On

Sometimes life just moves so quickly. Life happens in a series of oft-ignored 'sometimes.' There are a few that I've tried to pay attention to while I've been in Brussels.

Sometimes our huge sliding-glass door gets fogged up. And I write messages to the world on it (backwards-- so the passerby can see, of course) I'm fairly certain that no one saw my greeting since we live on the seventh floor. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to work in such an adorable little building again. Really, I can't complain. You should see it when the blinds are open.
Sometimes I feel really lucky to live on this street. This as the view from my apartment. I have pictures of this view from almost every day since I've been here.Sometimes we get incredible sunsets.
Sometimes we get a free feather when we buy eggs.
Sometimes we get really cool thunderstorms right outside our window.
Sometimes we watch TV on our laptops. Actually, just The Office. I think this was General Conference.Sometimes Ryan makes us the most amazing dinners. And I pretend to be a photographer for Martha Stewart. But I'm sure her placemats would be ironed and starched.
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I ate one of these every day.
Sometimes even the dogs here beg for money.Sometimes I can't believe that this is my backyard.
Sometimes I put on concerts for all of Brussels from our balcony. For free.
Sometimes the moon fascinates me.
Sometimes I like to take pictures of things up-close.Sometimes I wonder who chose the mod-bird light fixtures for the office.
-Lucas Reynolds-


nycfushca said...

i'm officially jealous. the best part has to be the bird lights. and the view comes close.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are rad. when are you going to be back in the states?


Uptown Girl said...

thanks. i fly back dec 14th. what are your post-december plans?

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