Friday, October 27, 2006

When The Night Turns Cold

It's starting to get dark in Brussels. As soon as Daylight Savings Time happens (or ends? I can never keep track of what it really means...) we'll plunge into those dark, depressing days when the sun will rise and set while I am at work. The good thing is that for some reason I have a mental association between waking up in the dark and going skiing. So everyday as I pull myself from the lure of sleep into the blackness of morning, for a split second I think I must be going skiing. Actually, I may not think that anymore, but I still try to force myself to believe it for as long as it takes me to get into the shower.

-Tobias Froberg-

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Daylight savings time is ending. For some reason, I only thought us crazy Americans messed with our clocks. And, even though it will be darker in the evenings, you do get to sleep for one extra hour in the mornings. It should be a little lighter in the mornings - at least for a little while.

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