Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Other Side

This weekend Jackie and hopped the border and went to Lille. It's a little town in Northern France, but the train station would have you think that it's not France, just random Europe. Upon leaving the train station, you'll find that you are not in random Europe. Nor are you in France. You're in India! Apparently, during the late fall and early winter months, an Indian Festival takes Lille over; huge plastic elephants line the streets, the train station becomes a Taj Mahal-like facade, and Bollywood films are shown round the clock. Luckily Jackie and I came during "Happy Days" when several activities were free. After exploring the Matisse sculpture garden, the most amazing playground, enjoying the autumnal splendor of the season, and visiting the token church, we headed to the Opera House and caught a live percussion performance. As we watched from the balcony, I noticed that the sculpture heads adorning the vases throughout the building were actually spewing. Gross. We made a casual attempt to find the largest bookstore in Europe, but found a fnac that satisfied our musical craving. Discovering new music gives me such a high, I'm scared to see the withdrawals that would take place if I weren't allowed to do it every so often. Before heading home, we stumbled into an old square where vintage maps, old books and newspapers were being sold and a few intense chess games were happening. I was super tempted to buy this really old-looking map of Brasil that they had, but I really didn't want to spend 15 euro on it. I'll probably regret it. I do love old maps. Oh well. We enjoyed the lights for a little while and then caught the train back to Brussels. And the best part? Lille is only about 40 minutes from home!See how excited we are to be on the train? Yep.

-Scissor Sisters-

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