Friday, October 10, 2008

Part of Your History #2

I don't know if this really qualifies as a "part of your history" post, but I'm going to call it one. This is dedicated to Megan.

Five Things

10 years ago I
1. Bought a car with my sister for less than I paid for my crown today
2. Edited the high school yearbook
3. Looked forward to Thursday nights to watch Seinfeld and ER consistently
4. Ran my first 5K
5. Got an SLR and started taking lots of photos

Five things on todays to-do list:
1. Recover from the 5 shots of novacaine required this morning at the dentist
2. Compile a good list of advertising possibilities for my new business
3. Relax
4. Call people back to schedule job interviews
5. Get outside and breathe

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1. Whole wheat bagel w/veggie cream cheese
2. Pears
3. Cereal
4. Quesadillas
5. Orange Julius

Five Places I have lived:
1. Clifton, VA
2. Provo/SLC, UT
3. New York, NY
4. Brussels, BE
5. Portland/Corvallis, OR

Five Jobs I have had:
1. Marketing Intern at Nike
2. Marketing Manager at ezGear
3. Associate at Old Navy (awful)
4. Free slice cutter at Great Harvest
5. Owner of Sugarhouse Ink!

Five Pet Peeves:
1. The local accent -- "sell" instead of "sale", etc.
2. Blogs with music
3. Poor grammar (though I know I have it too sometimes...)
4. Utah drivers
5. Friend requests from people I don't know on facebook

Five things that bring me joy:
1. Family - husband, parents, siblings, nieces+nephews, in-laws
2. Pretty days
3. Autumn
4. Five Guys
5. Really nice people


Hevansrich said...

I am with you on the music on blogs pet peeve!!

Greg said...

what's wierd is i remember all those memories from 10 years ago. and i agree that old navy was awful; remember meta(however you spell her name)? she was nasty. i concur with music on blogs, especially when it is really twangy country. it always seems like there is a delayed start, so it freaks the crap out of me.

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