Saturday, October 18, 2008

Political Scientist

For whatever reason, I've avoided waxing political on this blog. Maybe it's because I know it would make passionate rivals out of some of my friends. But now I've got something to say. Not necessarily what I believe politically, only that I am one step from disgusted with who our country has pushed to the top as our choices for our next leader. Unfortunately, most of my lifetime has featured less than admirable presidents of the country I am proud to call home. I have to look to the history books to see the wisdom, passion, inspired leadership, and integrity that seem to allude politicians today.

But (this brings me to my second point), regardless of how nauseated you might be this election year, I do believe that everyone should educate themselves and prepare to cast a ballot. People have fought for our freedoms and democracy and I think the one of the best ways to ensure preserving those rights is by being active citizens. If nothing else, voting buys you the right to complain.

That's all.

-Ryan Adams-


Mason and Erika said...

I needed that... I have been tempted to just write in someone else (or "throw away my vote" as my mom calls it).
But this right of mine was fought for, so I need to use it.

Erin The Great said...

Well Stated! Registered Voter = The right to complain about the state of our nation.

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