Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love at First Bite

Clara tried her first solid food the day before she turned six months old.  She's been interested in food for a while, but I definitely wanted to hold off until she hit the six month mark.  I knew she was getting all the nutrients she needed from breastmilk, and I wasn't really eager to give up the ease of exclusively breastfeeding (and the not-so-smelly diapers that go with it).  Plus, I was in a bit of denial about her growing up too fast.  Nevertheless, it was time.  Clara's first food was mashed avocado.  I thinned it out a bit for her, and she gobbled it right up.
She seemed to love it and know just what to do - she opened wide as each spoonful was brought to her mouth, and swallowed with ease.  After a bit of instruction during her first meal, she no longer tries to grab for the spoon or put her hands in her mouth while eating.  Since her first meal, we've added brown rice, barley, banana and peas to her menu and she's enjoyed them all!

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