Tuesday, June 07, 2011

5 Month Photos and Thoughts

{written 6/7/11}
It's 6:30 on Friday morning.  The sun is already shining brightly and pouring into the house through the living room windows. Aren't these early mornings wonderful in the spring/summer?  Also, having your baby's room on the west side of the house is wonderful.  Except for in the evenings when the baby is in bed by 7:00 but the sun stays out partying until 9:30 or so.  But I suppose that is why they invented blackout fabric (also wonderful).
I was at a baby shower last night, chatting it up with some of my favorite friends in the neighborhood.  We somehow got to talking about babies (imagine that).  One friend I was talking with has a baby who is ten days older than Clara, so it's been fun to kind of fun to go through the same things at the same times.  We were talking about how our babies are approaching the six month mark (!!!) and she kept saying how 6-12 months is her favorite age for a baby.  I kept thinking, "Really? Because it's hard to imagine things being any more awesome than they already are."  Then she was commenting about how it is so fun when you have more than one child, to watch them play together and enjoy life with each other.  So apparently I have some things to look forward to! (this is not an announcement)
Little Clara continues to be the sunshine in my life.  She has the sweetest little giggle and lights up with a  smile whenever I can lock her gaze.  Everyone around me is constantly commenting on what a good baby she is.  I've been around other babies enough to know that this is true!  I realize that she's spoiling me as a mother and I'm just trying to soak in all of her goodness and appreciate each moment.  Almost every night within an hour of putting her to bed, Spencer asks if we can go wake her up.  It's the sweetest thing.  Sometimes we do get her up, just to snuggle.  We're not trying to make a habit of it, but we know her babyhood will be so fleeting.  When we don't scoop her up for a snuggle (and even when we do) she sleeps soundly for 10-12.5 hours at night.
Here are some updates on the babe: She loves having her gums (no teeth yet) brushed before bed.  She loves standing up and has really strong (but short!) little legs.  She does acrobatic moves in her crib while she sleeps; I put her down on her back, but often find her on her tummy, side, or pushed up close to the bars of her crib when she wakes.  She is easily entertained and her favorite toys are a few plastic links strung together, her oball, and her teething rings (usually not all at once).  We go on a walk each morning before her first nap and she seems to really enjoy it!  I still have her stroller in the parent-facing orientation most of the time so I can watch all of her cute little expressions as we go. When she meets new people and they really make an effort to make her laugh or smile she gives them a blank stare, then looks up at me, with her "is this ok, mom?" look.  It is surprising to me just how many people will stop us in the grocery store or on a walk to take a peek at her or comment on her cuteness or her beautiful eyes.  I guess I've just never been one of those people, but if other people were toting around babies as cute as Clara, I guess I might be. ;)

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