Monday, January 02, 2012

12 Months

At 12 months, Clara:

-weighs 17.5 lbs (3rd percentile)

-is 28.25 inches tall (20th percentile)

-loves to eat, feeds herself, and is no longer spoon fed anything.  Even a bowl of oatmeal (offered with a spoon) will eagerly be attacked by both hands.

-sleeps 12+ hours at night

-seems to be phasing out her second nap

-loves to crawl, cruise and practice walking

-can take 3-4 steps unassisted

-loves to push around her laundry basket or walker/cart by herself

-waves hello (like a princess - all in the wrist) and bye bye (with folded fingers - sometimes facing herself)

-makes "blinky eyes" upon request

-hardly fusses or cries, but a verse of the wheels on the bus will cheer her up if she gets upset (the wipers going swish swish swish are her favorite)

-can do the "itsy bitsy spider" with her hands

-rawrs like a lion, moos like a cow, neighs like a horse, hoots like an owl, woofs like a dog

-loves to watch the "I Am A Child of God" video from mormon messages
-will stand and swing her hips to dance, and bob her head to music

-cries when mom or dad leave, but will also happily go to anyone who looks friendly

-is more snuggly than ever

-mostly wears 9 month size clothing (with a few 6 month and 12 month in there as well)

-likes to pat her kitty cat

-knows when she's doing something she shouldn't (like reaching for a lamp cord or heading for an off-limits corner) but kind of enjoys getting caught

-loves having her teeth brushed before bed

-claps her hands whenever someone says "yay"

-giggles and squeals in delight when she's chased around furniture

-nods her head yes and shakes her head no

-say "night night", "num num" and "nummy"

-loves to play peek-a-boo 

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