Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Revisited

January was an interesting month.  Typically busy season is gearing up, if not completely in full swing and we get accustomed (or do we?) to seeing very little of each other.  But with the shake-up in Spencer's employment, we got to spend lots of time together.  It was refreshing for all of us to have some time to just be home together.  Not to travel, not to do any huge projects, just to be home and enjoy each other.  I know it was especially nice for Spencer to have some time off without any deadlines or outstanding projects hanging over his head.  We slept in, went on walks, watched movies, ran errands together, ate out.  It was really lovely.  Spencer took Clara on her first train ride (no photos) and she loved it.  They have such a good time together; she definitely appreciates having daddy around.

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