Saturday, June 10, 2006

Expect Delays

So here I am in the Portland airport. I thought having a red-eye flight (which jetBlue creatively renamed "shut-eye"... I like the concept) was bad enough - leave at midnight, get to the city at 8:20 am. Oh, but there's more. When thunderstorms in New York delay your flight en route to Portland, that means you are in turn dealyed on your way to New York. An hour and a half for now.

Today has been an insanely serendipitous day. A lot of things just came together and fell perfectly into place. I love when that happens. It reminds me that someone is aware of me, after all. I got a phone call from Bob at 4:30 who was extremely interested in buying my car. And he did! He drove about two hours to get to Portland, paid me some good moola (I've never seen that much cash in my hands) and took my car. Wow. I am car-less. How does that feel? I should know, since I've spent the majority of my life that way. Goodbye green Concorde. I hope your new life in Tillamook treats you well. Eat lots of cheese.

It is so hard to believe that my Portland experience is over. Wow. To say that it went by quickly would be a horrible understatement. I think it's time for a recap and review of the good times that were had:

Favorite Portland Eats:
  • The Whole Bowl - watch out for the tali sauce.... that stuff is addictive
  • Fuego - an amazing burrito stand just two blocks from my office
  • Alotto Gelatto - you've got to try the chocolate frosted yellow cake gelatto - divine! On trendy 23rd Avenue
  • Pizza Schmizza - mostly I like the name

Favorite Portland Spots:
  • North Park Blocks - I ate lunch in the bocce courts on every sunny weekday we had
  • My House - an adorable house in the woods of west slope
  • Sherman's Piano Store on 13th Avenue - I got to play a 9 foot Steinway - does it get any better?

A Few New Portland Friends:
  • Tracey - my fabulous, generous, deeply spiritual, hilarious roommate
  • Russ - my faithful, sincere, principled running partner in crime
  • Susie - my lighthearted, kind Canyon Road companion
  • Ethan - my smiling, smiling, smiling, so happy friend!
  • Diana - a rekindled friendship from 14 years ago
  • everyone at Euro - my hard-working, creative family from 9-5 every weekday

Other Good Times:
  • A visit to my childhood home

  • An attempted hike on the coast

  • Running, lots of running
  • Fun first dates
  • The Oregon Symphony
  • Selling my car
  • Lunch with my hodes girls!

  • Getting a (semi) job offer from a great agency
  • Waiting for my flight...

Basically, I had a great time. And met a lot of wonderful people on the way that helped me laugh. Although I have to admit if my plane would get here, it would make the entire experience a little better.


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Seth said...

I am here in the I-house reading your blog thinking you are on the plane by now. But alas, you are, in fact, blogging in the airport. I love it. I'll see ya soon.

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