Saturday, June 03, 2006

Regrets of Photographs

Me, excited about my new camera.

Have you ever been looking for a song title for your blog post and found one that was all too perfect? Maybe not, since I'm the only person I know that titles their blogs with song titles. Granted, I don't really like this song (it's a bit too hard/heavy for my tastes) but it fits the post nonetheless.

I ordered this camera on eBay and got it a few days ago in the mail. I have been busy with work and life and so today was the first time I had a chance to really take a look at it. I went out and bought the lithium batteries that were not included, and a super expensive SD card and came home to start shooting. Let me just say that the only things good about the camera are the batteries and the SD card. I took some shots inside, some of which were ok but then I went outside and this camera is horrid. All of the photos from outside are totally washed out. Honestly. I'll probably list it on eBay tonight and try to sell it before I leave.
Me, mad at my new camera.

Oh, and just so you know -- it's a Kodak Easyshare DX3700. Don't ever buy one.

-Number One Gun-


Amanda said...

You didn't mention the lovely aroma that came from the camera and the user's manual. When you list it are you going to say it came from a smoke free home? 'Cause technically, it did...

Anonymous said...

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