Friday, June 23, 2006

Is It Any Wonder?

Today had some significant highlights. And none of them involved the subway elevator operator's soul music sing-along session. Shocking - I know. They involved a little British band called Keane. And me. Keane+me=very happy version of me. Keane came to Borders in Colombus Circle today, just a few blocks from work and since I already had VIP access (and because I love their music) I had to go. Since it was mostly to promote their new album (which is totally growing on me, by the way) they played a short set of four songs: Nothing In My Way, Crystal Ball, Is It Any Wonder?, and they indulged us all with Somewhere Only We Know from Hopes and Fears. As if hearing a great band at lunch weren't enough, I got to meet them and they signed my CD. I'm getting quite the (smallish) collection of signed CD's. It's quite exciting. I asked Richard (the drummer) about the song Bedshaped and was a little let down by his superficial answer, "It's a song about getting old." Yeah, I know that. I've noticed that as a theme through several Keane songs... a fear of aging. Is there a word for that? If not, I think we should invent one.


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Mollie said...

gerontophobia - Fear of Aging. Title for future Keane song?

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