Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pleasure and Pain

Ever wonder what the subway does for a migraine? Last night I found out. I'll admit, I was starting to feel it come on before I even went to Madison Square Park for the concert, but it's a sacrifice I was willing to make for good music. But as I sat on the subway somewhere in the shadowy hollows between what felt like life and death, I wondered if I owed my agony to the infamous (yet delicious) Black and White cookie. We all know that it was the Black & White cookie that forced Jerry to break his 14-year vomit-free streak. But there's something about seeing that cookie in virtually every Manhattan bakery that had me craving it, even if there were a smiliar price to pay. I had to experience "two races of flavor living side by side" for myself. It's a wonderful thing isn't it? As Jerry's favorite method of consumption, I also tried to get a little black and a little white in each bite, but the sheer size of the cookie makes that almost impossible.
"Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate And yet somehow racial harmony eludes us. If people would only look to the cookie all our problems would be solved." -Jerry Seinfeld

-Ben Harper-


Mollie said...

I told you it would make you sick...

Amanda said...

Oh, I'm sorry you got a migraine - I can feel your pain. I started carrying around a bottle of Excederin Migraine. Slightly helpful - but gives me the jitters.

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